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We're Here for the Moms

Nourishing Teas for every stage of motherhood.

Stress Reducing

Reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue while increaseing attention and endurance

Helps Prevents Cold & Flu

Adaptogens have anti-oxidant properties that protect the immune system

Promotes Healthy Gut

Promote calm muscles in the digestive tract and help the stomach feel at ease.

The Moms Have Spoken

I started drinking a cup of tea every night when I came home from the hospital after the birth of my second child. With a two year old and a newborn this nightly tea was my treat.

These times are challenging but the warmth and sweetness of your tea was my moment of peace and joy to be grateful for all the good.

Delicious!! The chai flavor was subtle but comforting - mixed mine with oat milk and then foamed it a bit.