Mama, I’m here to say I get it.

I had just given birth to my second child and I thought I knew what I was doing. Turns out, I didn’t. I didn’t know how lonely I would get even though I was constantly surrounded by people. I didn’t know I would struggle to breastfeed. I didn’t know how hard it would be to connect with my husband. I just didn’t know.

So I handled all this stress the only way I knew how - by internalizing it. I shoved that anxiety so deep and distracted myself with social media, Netflix and processed foods. And while faking a smile, crying at night and isolating myself got me decently far, it did come at a cost. Combined with poor sleep and a terrible diet, my body finally broke. I woke up one morning with such intense stomach pains my husband immediately took me to the ER.

This happened 3 more times over the course of the next 7 months.

After seeing doctor after doctor, taking blood test after blood test and spending a few weeks of trialing whether I had a dairy allergy (I didn’t), I saw a therapist. After one session of talking through everything I was going through it became very clear that my body was breaking down from the stress that I hid so well. Hindsight is always 20/20, isn’t it. Looking back it seems so obvious.  But when you’re in the thick of pushing through, convincing yourself you don’t need to deal with these overwhelming feelings, you’re so disconnected from reality.

That was when I realized that I couldn’t care for anyone unless I took care of myself.

It took time, counseling, Google searches and a lot of mom strangers to help me understand that it is possible to be there for my little ones without leaving myself behind. And that is the foundation I built Rae’s Roots upon.

We may not know what we are doing in motherhood, but we undoubtedly know who we are doing it for.


Mom, Wife, Founder - Rae’s Roots

Let me introduce you to our teas.

Powerfully Nourishing Herbs

I like to think of Chinese herbs and Adaptogens like a muscle. When exercising, you don’t start off lifting the heaviest weight - it’s too much and you will burn out after a short amount of time (which is similar to taking an energy shot).

But over time, you begin to condition yourself and get more comfortable with the stress of the weights. And then you can gradually take on more.

This is how Adaptogens work within your body - the herbs learn how to manage stress and you begin to become conditioned to handle stress in a healthy manner.

Not another pill

Growing up Taiwanese-American, tea has always played a key role in my life. It was a way I saw my mom connect with others, always inviting people “over for tea” or gifting tea in kind gestures.

But perhaps more importantly it was always a way to show love.

A minute to refuel. A moment to nourish. An opportunity to take a breath. A time to be cared for and to fill your proverbial (tea) cup.


If there is anything that I’ve learned in the past few years, it’s that self-care is not once and done. It’s about the little changes that add up over time so that they become a part of your life rather than a to-do in your life.

I know it’s hard to take time to care for yourself.

But taking care of yourself, however that may look to you, is part of taking care of your family.