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Meet the mom behind Rae’s Roots and how she’s changing the way we think about mom’s wellness.

The concept of self care and wellness didn’t really sit with me until I experienced my own postpartum.

Caring for a newborn and toddler was a really challenging time for me and I fell into a depressed emotional state. I kept giving and giving, never giving anything to myself. It took 4 trips to the ER after physically becoming ill from stress to finally realize I couldn’t care for anyone else until I first cared for myself. This was when the idea for Rae’s Roots was born - but more than that, this was when the foundation of making myself a priority was brought forth.

I was raised to believe that a healthy mind starts with a healthy gut.

So I went back to my roots, and as my mom had taught me, just as her mom had taught her - I turned to a group of ingestible Chinese herbs called adaptogens for their healing power and ability to ease tension and stress. With time...with setbacks and with a lot of support from mom friends and mom strangers, I emerged as a new person. And therefore as a new mom. 

Joanna Linton

Mom. Wife. Founder, Rae’s Roots.