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Adaptogens are herbs that "adapt" to your body's specific needs.

Moody. Tired. Anxious. Stressed. We've all been there, Mama. And while experiencing moments of stress are inevitable in motherhood, staying in that stressed state is when the fatigue and exhaustion start. A daily cup of adaptogen tea can help protect your body from these unhealthy effects and any future harm.


The body becomes aware of the stress and does what it needs to do to survive.

Resistance Phase

When healthy, your body resists the stress. When not healthy, your body burns out.

Exhaustion Phase

Your body is so exhausted it no longer has the strength to fight the stress. Brain fog, mood swings, fatigue and anxiety all take over.

Adaptogens are herbs that protect the body from exhaustion

The moment we become a mom, we give it our all. We give and give. Often until we have nothing left. Adaptogens are healthful herbs that help nourish and restore…because you can’t give what you don’t have, mama.

What if there was a way to reduce your stress levels, balance your hormones, increase focus and boost energy - just from drinking a cup of Rae's Roots?

Our adaptogen based teas were created to do all the above and taste delicious. And just a cup a day could have noticeable differences for your energy and focus. Be well, Mama.