Our Ingredients

What if there was a way to reduce your stress levels, balance your hormones, increase focus and boost energy - just from drinking a cup of Rae's Roots?

Our adaptogen based teas were created to do all the above and taste delicious. And just a cup a day could have noticeable differences for your energy and focus. Be well, Mama.

Where our ingredients come from matters.

By working with family farms, our organic farmers use century old methods for growing their tea without the use of harmful chemicals. These include techniques like growing plants that pests do like next to plants that pests don’t like, crop rotation, etc. Insecticides, pesticides and other harmful chemicals are never used out of the protection for our environment but also for the safety of our farmers’ health.

The relationship with our local tea farmers are grounded in gratitude and respect. We want to create an environment where farmers and their families can thrive and continue to carry on the beautiful tradition of tea farming as their ancestors have done for generations.

Certified Organic

GMO Free

Chemical and Pesticide Free

Third Generation Organic Tea Grower

Sourced Directly From Origin Source


What are Adaptogens?

Best way we can put it - Adaptogens are herbs that help your body thrive rather than survive. And our teas are filled with them.

100% organic & natural

Mood regulating

Balances hormone levels

Helps fight fatigue & improves energy

Here’s what happens when your body gets stressed:


The body becomes aware of the stress and does what it needs to survive.


When healthy, the body resists the stress. Otherwise, the body burns out.


The body is so exhausted, it no longer has the strength to fight the stress. Brain fog, mood swings, fatigue and anxiety take over.

Adaptogens help keep the body in a healthy resistance phase until the stress passes.